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Welcome to TLS Associates and the many opportunities you have for engaging with us.  We are excited to continue providing you with high quality support through our site and through direct contact with you. 


It is wonderful to connect with you, whether it is through our website, voice-to-voice or when we are able to meet face-to-face.  We look forward to personally speaking with you about our leadership & executive coaching, or our coach mentoring and supervision services.  Together we will explore the best approach to support your personal and professional growth.



Our Mission is...

To prepare leaders and coaches to be successful

in the global marketplace through

strengthening communication and coaching excellence.



Advanced Powerful Coaching Skills Class are now available ...

Are you interested in attending classes with a group of coaches, colleagues, or leaders you know and respect?  If so, these are the classes for you!


Classes are scheduled at your request. 

Contact us for additional information, let us know how you and your groups, colleagues, or leaders would like to schedule your classes. 


We offer on-site classes...


Virtual classes...


All offerings are scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday,

or a combined format of Tuesday & Thursday.


Virtual classes are offered at either 10am and 2pm ET.


Let us know if you prefer on-site programs...

We are able to accomodate your needs.



  • The Informed Coach SeriesTM
    • The Success CircleTM-Four Styles to Championship Communication
      • 12 hours of Virtual Teleclasses
      • 12 CCEU's (ICF Core Competencies)
    • Learning StylesTM
      • 12 hours of Virtual Teleclasses
  • Masterful Coaching ConversationsTM
    • Option 1 - 48 hours on-site or reginal offerings
    • Option 2 -  Virtual Teleclass 
      • Teleclasses are the combination 4 - 12 hour courses

Our classes and programs are designed to advance your coaching and leadership skills beyond good to great by supporting your growth and continuous professional development.


  • Receive full curriculum and resources.
  • Classes are lead by Experienced Coaches and Facilitators.
  • Expect to be challenged and encouraged to expand your thinking.


It is at your request that the various training opportunities have been and are developed.  We look forward to having you join us as you advance you professional skills.


Please give us a call or send us a note so we can answer any questions you may have.  We'd enjoy hearing from you.


Arrange an initial complimentary coaching consultation by clicking on "CONTACT US" information.


Warm regards,


Tracy L Stevens

Master Certified Coach


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