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The cornerstone of TLS Associates coaching services is Executive Coaching.  Since 1985 we have worked with business leader to enhance their leadership and business success.  Our Executive Coaching Services  are customized to the needs of each coaching relationship.  We partner with our clients to identify their needs and desired results. 


Partnership is essential to the leader's journey toward greater competence and effectiveness.  The coaching partnership creates a safe place to explore the client's presenting issue(s), what is important to them, what is blocking their greater success and potential.  Together we identify actions and next steps to advance and sustain their results.


Leadership is no longer a command and control approach of telling people what to do and directing their actions, it is partnering with others, drawing out their strengths and leveraging the strengths of others to increase business and organizational results.  Think about the greatest leaders in your own life.  Perhaps it was a boss, supervisor, friend, parent, sports coach, or perhaps a teacher.  No matter who the great leaders were in your live consider the following questions - 


  • What did these individuals do for you? 
  • How did you feel when you were around them? 
  • What were their strengths?


If you are interested in being the leader that others think about in the same way you are now thinking about the great leaders in your life, you are in the right place.  Give us a call today or send an email to arrange an informational consultation to determine how a coaching partnership with TLS Associates can help you to be all you are capable of being and to be the leader you desire to be.


To create a program customized to meet your needs, contact Tracy Stevens, MCC today to arrange an informational consultation and get started on the next phase of your leadership success.  Call 352-523-1857 or complete the Contact Us form.  We will respond promptly to your inquiry.




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