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Bobbi has been providing guidance and solutions through coaching, training and facilitation for more than 30 years. She primarily focuses on leadership competence, team performance, transitions, interpersonal communication and balance. Bobbi is known for her direct style, support and lightness in addressing the serious issues of personal and professional life for successful and sustainable results. She works with executives, teams, entrepreneurs, women in leadership roles, community leaders and people advancing into the next phases in life and career.


 With her varied background holding management positions in large organizations, non-profits,

 academia and small business, Bobbi has an expanded perspective and understanding of what it

 takes to succeed in many arenas.


Along with coaching individuals and teams, Bobbi also has been a mentor/supervisor for new, emerging coaches for more than 15 years. She has a true dedication to the profession; maintaining its standards and supporting its growth. Bobbi is a member of the faculty at the University of Miami in the Certified Professional Coach program, and also teaches at University of South Florida. Bobbi has developed two coaching skills courses supporting managers and leaders in organizations as well as for University of South Florida. She has acted as an Assessor for ICF.


Bobbi’s coach training is through Coach U as well as numerous advanced and expanded programs. She continues to expand and deepen her learning through numerous avenues of study including a most recent focus on Conversational Intelligence ®--- the neuroscience behind impactful and critical conversations.


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