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TLS Associates is excited to announce some new opportunities in the arena of Mentor and Supervisory Coaching.  After more than 33 years of Leadership, Consulting, Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Supervisory Coaching we are combining our skills to deepen our service offerings.  What does this mean for you the aspiring and experienced coach? 


Whether you are applying for your first ICF credential, renew your existing credential, or seeking your next level of credential we are here to support your success.


The TLS Associates' mentor and supervision coaching program is based in the ICF Core Competencies and minimum standards.   Monthly you will have one mentoring session where you gain the experience of being coached, and one supervisory session.  Supervisory Coaching includes the review of one recorded coaching session per month, written feedback based on ICF Core Competencies, Markers and Minimum Standards of performance based on the creadential for which you are applying, plus a verbal feedback session to discuss your strengths, progress, and opportunities for furhter development.


You will receive both written and verbal feedback on your coaching skills in a supportive and encouraging manner.  Our focus is on you as Coach. 


Start your mentoring now to avoid stress and missed deadlines. It can take 3-6 months to complete mentor coaching requirements!  Click on Contact Us  to explore the possibilities of working together.
















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