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What is corporate / business coaching?
Corporate/business coaching is a powerful, synergistic & collaborative partnership between an organization, its members and a Coach. The relationship(s) utilize(s) a process of discovery, goal setting and strategic actions that is central to transforming the organization and individual's capacity for learning and renewal into performance at the highest potential. Corporate/business coaching is available for groups, teams and individually.


How is coaching different from consulting, therapy and athletic coaching?
Consultants offer advice, and give solutions to predetermined issues and recommend a path for the company or individual to follow. Often Consultants provide a procedure, process, or written report for the client to follow in attaining their desired results. Consultants are trained to provide solutions to their clients. At this point the majority of consulting engagements are complete. Although Coaching is a form of consulting, Coaches do not TELL clients what to do to resolve a problem or to advance their careers; Coaches ASK the client what they want to do to attain their desired results. Coaches are professionally trained in methods to advance the client's thinking and processing of opportunities to implement action plans the client determines to be the greatest potential for their personal and professional advancement. Coaches focus on the future and support their clients to do something about it today and stay with the client to support the implementation of new skills, changes and goals to ensure the desired results.

Therapy and Coaching differ in many ways. In the simplest definition of therapy is to identify and treat diseases or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating process. Coaches do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders. The Therapist is trained in the use of psychological methods for helping patients overcome psychological problems. Coaches remain focused on the future and the forward movement of the client. Coaches don't work in the past or on "psychological issues".

Athletic Coaching and Business Coaching share a number of similar traits yet offer some very distinct differences. A Sports Coach is an expert in their chosen sport, they are the authority as well as the instructor. Sports Coaches motivate the team and players to perform at their highest athletic potential and to Win the game. Athletic Coaches look for the gaps in performance and tell the players how to fill the gap. Business Coaches are focused on the opportunities (gaps) in an individual or organizations professional performance. The Business Coach is able to see gaps and blind-spots the client may not be able to identify because they are too close to the situation. Examples include breakdown in communication, motivation of their teams, understanding the specific needs of their staff and direct reports. The principles of teamwork, going for the goal, being your best apply to both sports and business. Unlike sports coaching, most Business Coaching is not competition or win/lose based. Business Coaching strengthen the client's skills vs. help them beat the other team. It's win/win.


What is the basic philosophy of corporate coaching?
Put simply, is to support our clients in becoming all they are capable of becoming regardless of age, gender, race or circumstances. Our primary focus is on business related issues and potential while coaching the whole person.


Do you work with individuals as well as companies?
Yes, both. Companies and organizations engage us to work with individuals, teams and various employee or volunteer groups.


Who are your typical clients?
Our clients are those who are serious about their careers, leadership and success of their companies. They are typically over 30, holding positions in a wide range of professional disciplines. Some have global responsibility, while others are owners of small, start-up or professional service firms. They are in Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, and small privately held or family businesses. What our clients typically have in common is:
  • They are an established leader or are preparing to step into a challenging leadership role and want an experienced, unbiased professional to partner with them to create strategic business and/or leadership plans while developing future leaders necessary for long term success.
  • They need a little more structure to feel they are focused on achieving multiple, important objectives and goals.
  • They are committed to life-long learning and seek further clarity on the skills they need to strengthen and the behavioral changes they'll need to make going forward or to reach their next level of success.
  • They seek a strategic and confidential approach for changing roles or changing companies.


Where does the coach focus with an average client?
From the TLS perspective, there is no average client. Our clients are exceptional and unique. Our relationship is grounded in objectives directly related to your business and your personal goals. Our team will support you to co-create an approach that will enable you to reach your full potential at the pace you define. Ultimately, the decision to take action is yours. We provide the structure, feedback and an objective perspective. You are responsible for taking the steps to produce the results.

We focus where the client needs us most by customizing our services and programs to their specific needs. We blend in the following to our coaching and consulting relationships as appropriate:
  • A collaborative style & coach approach is utilized in each of our client relationships
  • Support clients to strengthen their professional foundation.
  • Goal setting and action plans that are sharp clear and focused for realistic attainable results are developed and implemented.
  • We work directly with clients to remove barriers that may interfere with achieving their true potential.


Why do people hire Leadership & Management Consultants or Coaches?
For the same reason people engage a specialist in any field. Specialists bring more experience, skill, and knowledge to the task, and ultimately their services are most cost effective. People hire us because we have specialized skills and they want to improve their leadership or management skills, create a business or organizational change, start a new business, or make a career transition. We work with the serious high-potential professionals who want to.
  • Strengthen their leadership skills
  • Grow their businesses
  • Make a personal change (such as career advancement)
  • Reach higher rewards
  • Reduce the stress in their life
  • Build stronger professional relationships
  • Experience greater satisfaction and a sense of personal fulfillment.


How much will your services and programs cost?
We typically charge by the month or the event. Programs include seminars, workshops and personalized coaching services, in addition to customized programs. Our individual coaching programs fees vary because no two clients are exactly the same. During an initial conversation we'll design our agreement, clarify your goals and requirements, and create a strategy that is uniquely appropriate for you. All of our programs are an investment in your future.

All of our clients have the ability to receive extra mentoring and coaching between sessions via email, voicemail and/or quick phone conversations at no extra cost. Partnering with a Management Consultant or Coach is ultimately an investment that you make in yourself. Once we've had a complimentary phone conversation we'll be able to give you a realistic quote.


Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we  use PayPal where you can choose the type of payment you desire, including Credit Cards


What assessments and surveys do you offer?
We offer a number of assessment instruments and survey instruments specifically designed to help individuals and teams obtain critical feedback, and to measure knowledge, strengths and motivators.

At TLS we utilize assessments only on an as appropriate basis. If we notice a pattern of behavior or a blind spot for a client we will bring this to our client's awareness. There are occasions when the best way to understand how others perceive us is through the use of a 360 Assessment. We are experienced and certified in several 360 tools as well as Leadership, Communication, Values, Behavioral and Needs Assessments. For more information see our assessment section.


What makes your programs effective?
Experience, customization and personalization! Our programs are constantly updated to keep pace with the challenges facing today's business leaders. Every proposal and service delivery approach is specifically aligned to your goals and your objectives. Throughout our collaboration, we listen and make adjustments to complement your needs. This approach helps you stay energized and focused, constantly applying and building upon new techniques and learning.


What is the usual length of time that clients work with you?
The situations that motivate individuals and companies to partner with us are similar, yet they are uniquely influenced by the individual, the degree of complexity of the challenge, and the environments. Most non-seminar or workshop clients begin with either a six-month or nine-month commitment to the coaching process. We also provide the option of engaging us in a consulting or coaching capacity for a specific project or on a just-in-time basis.

A typical agreement is two to three hours a month for 6 - 12 months. More than half of our clients elect to continue to partner with us, or re- engage later to focus on new goals once their initial objectives have been met.

If for some reason our partnership isn't working for you, you can end it, there are no penalties and you don't pay for any remaining months in our agreement.


What happens when a coach is hired?

You and your company will...

  • create momentum so it's easier to get results.
  • become more effective by taking focused actions more quickly.
  • set goals that will be sharper, clearer and more focused.
  • be more confident.
  • not tolerate things that are holding you or your company back from achieving your desired results.
  • have greater value and respect for your colleagues, self and organization, as well as, your friends and family.


Who hires a coach and why?
Companies, organizations and individuals hire coaches to .
  • realize their greatest potential.
  • achieve greater success, increased productivity and profitability.
  • take their personal, professional life and/or business to a new level.
It's as simple as that. Coaches support clients to attain all three.


Why does coaching work?
There are several reasons. A few include:
  • The accountability the coaching relationship creates encourages the client to take action on the goals they have established for themselves.
  • The Client owns the process, not the coach.
  • Coaches facilitate a discovery process that enables and empowers the client to move into their greatest potential.


Is Corporate Coaching only available to Fortune 500 companies?
No. Corporate Coaching is the term applied to all Business Coaching. Any business entity, no matter what its size and any individual can benefit from the advantage of coaching. Corporate Coaching is not limited to companies, or non-profit organizations or entrepreneurial businesses. It is also available to individuals, family run businesses, and government agencies who are interested in even greater success than they have achieved on their own. It is even available to your friends and family.


What about people who are already successful and have well balanced lives? Can they benefit from a coach?
Coaching is about taking highly successful people and businesses to even greater success. The process supports organizations and individuals in their forward, visionary thinking. It allows the space to think and consider all the possibilities in the high paced world in which we live.

One thing every individual and company is faced with is CHANGE. Coaching supports all aspects of change from the individual who may be feeling uncomfortable with change to the individual who embraces it. The organizational attitude toward change is critical to success. Coaching allows a place to express honest feelings and emotion about change with absolutely no judgment.


What types of coaching programs are available?
We offer a number of programs to our clients from individual coaching to corporate & group coaching. We also offer customized programs and workshops to meet the needs of our clients. Coaching is available in 3 to 6 month increments following all of our workshops to enrich the learning and implementation of the new skills.

To learn more about our programs please visit the Services section of this website or give us a call. We are happy to speak with you.


Does TLS Associates offer sample coaching sessions?
Yes. We offer 30-minute sample coaching sessions. Please contact us to schedule a sample session. Call us today to schedule your sample session.


May I sample more than one of the TLS Associates' coaching styles prior to selecting a coach to work with?
Yes. We recommend speaking with 2-3 coaches prior to making your selection. This allows you to find a coaching style that best serves you.

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